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livingston montana agate


The impressive landscape of Montana makes it an excellent choice for rockhounds. This state offers an opportunity to collect some amazing agates, jaspers, and petrified wood. Montana is best known for its incredible blue sapphires and Montana agate.

idaho rockhounds


A great state for exploring and hunting for rocks and minerals. Idaho has a variety of rockhounding locations that are perfect for any rockhound.  You'll be digging for and collecting quartz, jasper, agates, petrified wood and thunder eggs.

arizona rockhounds


Rockhounding in Arizona is an excellent activity for kids and adults alike. This state offers plenty of locations for new and old rockhounds. You'll be digging for and collecting Agate, Jasper, Petrified Wood, and Copper specimens throughout the state.

florida rockhounds


Are you a rockhound looking for an adventure in Florida? It could be the perfect state to explore and find incredible rocks and minerals. Florida’s rockhound locations are too many to list but you'll be digging for and collecting petrified wood, quartz, and calcite crystals.

arkansas rockhounds


If you want to find the best rockhound locations for Quartz crystals and crystal clusters then Arkansas should be your number one destination. Learn more about which mine is right for you and which ones offer the best rockhounding experience.

georgia rockhounds


Rockhounds can't go wrong prospecting in Georgia because it provides a variety of rocks and minerals for collectors. You'll dig for and collect corundum, rubies, amethyst, quartz and staurolites


Crystal & Mineral Locations

beryl crystal hogg mine

Hogg Mine

If you’re looking for Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Aquamarine then this location is a must. This location is excellent for families, junior rockhounds, and old-timers but keep in mind it is a paid dig location and you'll need to coordinate with the mine owners.

topaz crystal

Topaz Mountain

If you’re looking for Topaz crystals that range in size and color then Topaz Mountain Gem Mine is a fantastic destination for rockhounds and crystal collectors. It’s located in Lake George, Colorado but is privately owned so make sure you keep reading to learn how to access the mine.

jackson crossroads amethyst crystal

Jackson Crossroads

The JXR Mine in Georgia is known for producing high-quality Amethyst crystals. This mine has turned into a destination due to the popular YouTube videos about unearthing these unique crystals This location is excellent for families and junior rockhounds.

crystal vista arkansas

Crystal Vista Mine

You’ll dig for and collect Quartz crystal points and clusters at the Crystal Vista mine. It’s just south of Mount Ida, Arkansas and it’s FREE. This location has been written about in rock & mineral magazine and there are multiple YouTube videos showing ordinary rockhounds collecting beautiful Quartz crystals.

skeletal quartz diamond hill mine

Diamond Hill Mine

The Diamond Hill Mine provides a rare opportunity to unearth Quartz crystals, Amethyst crystals, and Smoky Quartz crystals. The mine spans 6 acres with multiple dig locations varying in difficulty.

quartz crystal cluster ron coleman

Coleman Crystal Mine

This family-owned mine provides a unique opportunity for rockhounds to dig for their own crystals in tailings. Don’t worry, fresh hauls are brought up from the mine regularly and you’ll keep everything you find. Once again, this is an excellent location for families and junior rockhounds.

Rock and Mineral News

enstatite crystal specimen

Identify Enstatite

Enstatite is a gemstone you don’t hear of very often but you might come across it while collecting gems and minerals in the wild or

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cerussite crystals

Identify Cerussite

Cerussite is quite an interesting mineral that forms an array of bizarre twinning habits and fascinating crystal formations. It’s easy to identify by its heavy

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bytownite crystals

Identify Bytownite

Identifying Bytownite is fairly easy and you’ll be using visual characteristics to do most of the heavy lifting. If you’re a rockhound or gemstone collector

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sapphirine crystal

Identify Sapphirine

Sapphirine is incredibly rare and high-quality crystals are even more rare. Despite the stone’s name and well-known color, Sapphirine is a species distinct from Sapphire.

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blue chalcedony rough

Identify Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a variety of Chalcedony which is part of the Quartz family but it doesn’t look like your typical Quartz crystal. A higher quality

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titanite crystal specimen

Identify Titanite

Titanite can be difficult to accurately identify because it looks similar to Spalerite but the chemical composition is slightly different. If you come across a piece

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Jackson Crossroads Amethyst Mine
hogg mine lagrange georgia
topaz crystal mine colorado
amazonite crystals colorado

Rock and Mineral Identification

lake superior agate nodules

Lake Superior Agate

Let’s look deeper into how to identify Lake Superior Agate like a pro.

faceted madeira citrine


Let’s look deeper into how to identify Citrine like a pro.

Royal Imperial Jasper cabochons


Let’s look deeper into how to identify Jasper like a pro.

ammolite cabochons


Let’s look deeper into how to identify Ammolite like a pro.

rainbow iris agate


Let’s look deeper into how to identify Agate like a pro.

petrified wood logs

Petrified Wood

Let’s look deeper into how to identify Petrified Wood like a pro.

chrysocolla rough


Let’s look deeper into how to identify Chrysocolla like a pro.

sugilite cabochons


Let’s look deeper into how to identify Sugilite like a pro.