cerussite crystals

Identify Cerussite

Cerussite is quite an interesting mineral that forms an array of bizarre twinning habits and fascinating crystal formations. It’s easy to identify by its heavy

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bytownite crystals

Identify Bytownite

Identifying Bytownite is fairly easy and you’ll be using visual characteristics to do most of the heavy lifting. If you’re a rockhound or gemstone collector

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sapphirine crystal

Identify Sapphirine

Sapphirine is incredibly rare and high-quality crystals are even more rare. Despite the stone’s name and well-known color, Sapphirine is a species distinct from Sapphire.

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titanite crystal specimen

Identify Titanite

Titanite can be difficult to accurately identify because it looks similar to Spalerite but the chemical composition is slightly different. If you come across a piece

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