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Jerred MorrisCollecting rocks, minerals, and crystals is a favorite pastime for regular folks like you and me. 

Each crystal is a unique, naturally occurring phenomenon and you’re the first person to reveal it to the world when you go digging for crystals.

Crystals and minerals take thousands of years to grow and rockhounds make it possible for the world to see what treasures lie below the Earth’s surface.

The creators of this website have a passion for crystals and minerals and think there should be a centralized place for you to find information about all of them.

We have done extensive research to find and identify dig sites in the United States.

We also provide tips, guides, driving directions, and “how-to” for each dig location.

Use this site as a tool to plan your next crystal dig and feel free to contact us with additional info about new sites.

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Jerred Morris

Master Faceter, Avid Rockhound, World Traveler