Gemologist Guide to Identifying Zircon

cushion cut blue zircon

Zircon is a well-known gemstone because it’s commercially available in jewelry and sought after by gem cutters.  You’ll typically see it in blue to bluish-green hues and sizes range from just under a carat up to 12 carats plus. What you probably don’t know about Zircon is the color of the gemstone when it is […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Demantoid Garnet

faceted demantoid garnet

Demantoid Garnets are a rare variety of Andradite Garnets and you probably won’t come across one of these unless you’re actively identifying and assessing gemstones on a regular basis.  Gemstone collectors are the biggest buyer of this species of Garnet and they’re not commercially available. This precious gemstone’s name means “diamond-like” which comes from the […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Diamonds

gemstone appraisal services

Having to identify a diamond is more common than you’d imagine because people inherit jewelry or buy jewelry from an auction or garage sale and believe they have a valuable gemstone. The most common outcome is the owner realizing they have cubic zirconia or some type of imitation. That said, let’s look into how to […]