Gemologist Guide to Identifying Jasper

picture jasper

Jasper’s an opaque, fine-grained Chalcedony species comprised of microscopic quartz crystals intermixed with several impurities. It comes in any color and takes on several appearances. One thing you will see with jasper is the naming convention. Most varieties of jasper are named for the location they’re found or it describes exactly what type of jasper […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Kyanite


Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral that is well-known by rockhounds. What makes this mineral unique is its variable hardness and perfect cleavage. When cut parallel (lengthwise), it has a hardness of 4 to 4.5, but when the same stone is cut perpendicular, its hardness is 6 to 7.5. High-end specimens are sought after by […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Agate

moss agate

Agate is used to describe the banded form of Chalcedony but the term also covers translucent varieties like Dendritic, Moss, Fire, and Iris Agate. Over the years lapidary artists have used all varieties of agates to carve beads, cameos, decorative objects, and cabochons. Agate crystals are microcrystalline-quartz mineraloids with a lustrous display of bi and […]

List of Yellow Rocks and Minerals

yellow sapphire

Yellow rocks and minerals have always brought optimism and joy to my collection. Due to the never-ending shades of yellow and various crystal structures, yellow gemstones have become a staple gemstone in my collection. If you’re new to the exciting hobby of rockhounding then you’ll want to educate yourself on yellow minerals because there are […]