Gemologist Guide to Identifying Hessonite Garnet

hessonite garnet matrix

Hessonite garnet is a variety of grossular garnets with colors ranging from golden yellow to brownish-red or brownish-orange and reddish-orange to red. The first Sri Lankan stones discovered were nicknamed “cinnamon stones” because of their brownish-red color. A perfectly colored hessonite stone with be bright orange and have a high clarity rating. Most stones will […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Tsavorite Garnet

tsavorite crystal specimen

Tsavorite garnets are highly sought after by collectors and gemstone cutters because their beautiful green color and high dispersion make them perfect candidates for high-end jewelry. They’re composed of calcium aluminum silicate and the intense green color is caused by traces of chromium or vanadium. They’re part of the grossular garnet family and the name […]