Gemologist Guide to Identifying Topaz

Topaz specimens

Topaz is well known in the jewelry industry and rock collector groups. It comes in a variety of colors but the most sought-after is reddish orange. Lighter-colored stones are more prevalent and can be found in larger sizes. The reddish-orange variety of topaz is known as imperial topaz. The crystals are amazing because of the […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Amazonite

tumbled amazonite

Amazonite is a variety of the feldspar mineral family and the green color is caused by trace amounts of lead. It was originally called the “Amazon Stone,” although it’s not found in that region. This gemstone can be found in cabochon form, beads, crystal specimens, and tumbled stones. At most rock and mineral shows you’ll […]

Gemologist Guide to Identifying Rhodochrosite

rhodochrosite slabs

Rhodochrosite is light pink to deep red in color and is often found in silver mines. The attractive patterns combined with rhodochrosite’s deep red color make it fairly easy to identify and gemstone collectors have been collecting top-quality pieces for years. Well-formed translucent rhodochrosite crystals are incredibly rare and highly sought after. The colors can […]