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You’ll be collecting extremely rare Benitoite crystals in Central California.

This location has been written about in rock & mineral magazine and there are multiple YouTube videos showing ordinary rockhounds collecting beautiful blue Benitoite crystals.

You’ll spend most of your time picking through tailing piles with a shovel and cleaning the pay dirt in the dedicated sluice box.  Don’t worry the process is fairly simple and you’re guaranteed to find some amazing specimens.

Once again, this is a great location for families and junior rockhounds but you’ll need to schedule your dig with the local owner.

Keep reading below to learn more about what to bring, clothing types, contact details, and driving directions.

Benitoite Crystals

Benitoite crystals are only found in California near the San Benito River. A local mineral prospector was looking for mercury and copper and came across this rare blue crystal.  He thought he found a Sapphire but the University of California determined they had found a new mineral

Since Benitoite is only found in California, it’s very rare and therefore quite valuable. Due to its high brilliance and dispersion, Benitoite is very popular among collectors. 

Mine production is on the low to nonexistent side which means the value of these crystals continues to increase in price.

Crystals over one carat are very rare and the largest one ever found was 9 carats.

benetoite crystal on matrix

Tools and Tips

A rockhound will want to pack a variety of tools for this trip. They should have snacks and drinks in case they get thirsty or hungry. Don’t forget about the weather and make sure to dress appropriately.


Must-Have Tools and Accessories 

  • Sunscreen
  • Small plastic containers
  • Hat or sombrero
  • Small garden tools
  • Gloves
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve (depends on weather)
  • Boots
  • Towels for drying off
  • Fresh clothes (you’re going to sweat)


Make sure you’re a good steward of the property.  Please pick up any trash and leave the location better than when you found it.

Most importantly, have fun collecting, and feel free to email us about your trip.

benetoite crystals

Driving directions


48242 Los Gatos Creek Rd, Coalinga, CA 93210


Benitoite Mining Company: 833-436-4868


Type or copy the GPS coordinates below into your Google or Apple Maps.

GPS Coordinates


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