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Here at the Rockhounding Maps, we give you access and information to the best dig sites for crystals and minerals in Colorado.  On top of that, we’ve created a resource page to assist with answering all of your gem and mineral collecting questions.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and come back often because we’re always adding new dig locations and crystal collecting updates. This is a great resource for anyone who loves rockhounding, from beginners to experts alike!

Rockhounding in Colorado is a great way to discover the state’s diverse geology and fossilized wildlife. The number of potential collecting sites here makes it an excellent location for those interested not only in rocks, but also minerals that can be found within them!

Colorado is an excellent place for beginner and expert rock hounds alike. Thanks to the geographic shifts in the region, the State has a lot of variety to offer. Due to the volcanic activity millions of years ago, you’ll find plenty of metamorphic, sedimentary, and even a few igneous rocks. 

When’s the best time to go rock hunting in Colorado? What kinds of rocks can you find here? We’ve found some of the best rockhound locations in this beautiful State! 

Colorado Rockhound Locations

The Rocky Mountains offer a host of crystals, minerals, and fossils ready for discovery. However, the mountain range is somewhat dangerous in winter, and you should avoid digging for minerals during these conditions. During harsher seasons, you can find plenty of rock varieties around Denver and Colorado Springs. 

Where you choose to go rock hunting in Colorado depends heavily on the types of rock you seek.

Colorado has several varieties of metals, minerals, and fossils along waterways. Many folks report finding fairly large deposits of gold, silver, and even dinosaur bone fragments. Some of the most popular places include the Colorado River, South Platte’s River, and Arkansas’s River Valley. 

This article will explore all of the best rockhound locations that Colorado has to offer. We’ll list the types of rocks you can find and the tools to bring. We’ll also discuss the available rock and mineral societies in Colorado that you can join and make your rockhounding experience a success!

Have you ever dreamed of going on a rock-hounding adventure in Colorado? There are quite a few locations to dig for crystals, gems, Petrified Wood, Fossils, and Agate.  With its diverse landscape, Colorado can be a perfect place for you to hunt for rocks!


white topaz crystal


Dig For Crystals

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Wolf Creek37.487272, -106.820292Amethyst geodes, Agate, Chalcedony, Jasper, Moonstone, Quartz crystals
Wolf Creek Pass37.451401, -106.889473Agate, Jasper, Chalcedony, Moonstone
Mine dump 3 mi. W of Gold Camp Rd 38.820381, -104.897852Zircon crystals
S of Cook Mtn38.760655, -104.917644Amazonite, Smoky Quartz, Topaz
Eureka Tunnel, W side of stream38.752717, -104.905160Zircon, Fluorite
Howes Gulch40.591110, -105.225000Chalcopyrite, Gold, Pyrite, Copper
Wisdom Ranch40.59778, -105.36444Beryl, Chrysoberyl, Garnet
Sentinel Rock and Specimen Rock38.804640, -104.917770Amazonite, Fluorite, Goethite, Hematite, Quartz crystals
Specimen Mtn40.442759, -105.808412Calcite, Agate, Quartz, Topaz
Crystal Mtn area pegmatites40.541783, -105.411371Beryl, Fluorapatite, Muscovite
Sugarloaf Peak, Wigwam Creek39.248687, -105.338700Amazonite, Fluorite, Quartz crystals
West of Route 7439.617131, -105.320742Fluorite, Gold, Silver, Chalcocite, Sphalerite
Table Mtn39.773985, -105.200943Apophyllite, Aragonite, Calcite, Zeolite crystals, Stilbite, Zeolites
Summit of Mtn Antero38.673821, -106.246671Apatite, Aquamarine, Beryl, Calcite, Fluorite (white, green, purple), Pyrite, Smoky Quartz crystals


Be polite wherever you explore. Always pack out what you packed in. Meaning if you stop for a snack while rockhounding at any site, clean up after yourself and pack your trash items back out with you.

Always do your research regarding laws and regulations, and don’t forget to ask for permission to access an area and collect specimens.

If you’re an active rock collector in Colorado then send us an email about your favorite locations and we will feature you on the site and we might sponsor you as well. That’s right, we will pay you to go dig for rocks and minerals.


Dig For Gemstones

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Willow Creek, mostly private37.869965, -106.929236Amethyst crystals, Chalcedony, Sphalerite
Willow Creek37.868355, -106.927488Turquoise
Last Chance Mine37.884018, -106.936668Jasper, Galena, Copper, Turquoise, Rhodonite, Sowbelly Agate
Colorado River valley and side canyons39.205468, -108.913722Agate, Chalcedony, Jasper, Opal, Petrified wood, Dinosaur bones
Goodman Point37.371191, -108.775597Petrified dinosaur bones
Dinosaur Hill39.131294, -108.735356Petrified dinosaur bones
Glade Park38.993154, -108.739526Opalized Wood, Agate
Black Ridge fossil beds39.066065, -108.748886Petrified dinosaur bone, Gastroliths
Austin Bluffs38.907151, -104.797300Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Jasper
Opportunity Mine38.517407, -106.667927Albite, Beryl, Lepidolite, Mica, Tourmaline, Monazite
Centennial Cone pegmatites39.755422, -105.360747Aquamarine, Bertrandite, Beryl, Smoky Quartz crystals
Area W of Italian Mtn.38.944249, -106.762422Lapis Lazuli, Garnet
Cement Creek Rd.38.931201, -106.769938Albite, Ankerite, Chlorite, Diopside, Epidote, Garnet, Lazurite, Magnetite
Sedalia Copper Mine38.603600, -106.030600Actinolite, Almandine, Azurite, Beryl, Chrysocolla, Epidote, Kyanite, Pyrite, Quartz, Tourmaline


So, if you’re ready to embark on a rock-hounding journey, read on to find out more!

Petrified Wood Florissant, Colorado, and surrounding areas in central Colorado 
Lapis Lazuli Northern region. North Italian Mountain and Crested Butte
QuartzAll over, but Mariposa County is the best place
GarnetRuby Mountain
Aquamarine Mount Antero, Mount White, and Mount Princeton
CalciteSherman Tunnel Mine and Leadville Mining District
Amethyst Creede District and Mineral County


trapiche amethyst crystal


Active Rock and Mineral Dig Sites 

Amethyst – Last Chance Mine – Creede, CO

Topaz Crystal – Topaz Mountain Gem Mine


Rockhounding Laws in Colorado? 

Protected archeological sites are not typically open to amateur rock hounds. Additionally, you probably won’t be able to collect large petrified wood samples from the petrified forest. However, according to the Parks Service, most spaces are open for rock hunting in the state as long as you’re not in protected lands.


Is it Dangerous to Hunt for Rocks in Colorado? 

Traveling with a group is the best way to stay safe rock hunting in Colorado. Finding a group of experienced people to travel with is ideal since they’ll be familiar with the landscape. Additionally, avoid rock hounding in the winter and late fall to avoid sudden snow storms.


Topaz specimens

List of Rock and Mineral Societies


Colorado Mineral Society 

The Colorado Mineral Society hosts meetings on the first Friday of every month. You can join them at their meeting hall located at 9200 W 10th Ave St Paul’s Episcopal Church Lakewood, CO 80215.

They also host field trips to various mineral-rich sites all over the State! Just make sure you do due diligence and get tested for Covid if you exhibit symptoms!


Rock-A-Holics: Columbine Gem and Mineral Society

The Columbine Gem and Mineral Society is one of the prime rock-hounding spots! They’re located near Buena Vista, which is a keen place to pick up semi-precious gems!

You can join them every second Thursday of the month for an information-based gathering. They’re the perfect bunch to mingle with regardless of your experience since they’re composed of amateurs and experts.


Four Corners Gem and Mineral Club

The Four Corners Gem and Mineral Club meet on the first Monday of every month. You can join them as guests at 2351 N Main Four Corners Gem & Mineral Club Durango, CO 81302.

They host tours through mountain paths and valleys, which increases the diversity of rocks to collect. They also host a jewelry crafting club, in case you want to turn your findings into a beautiful trinket.


Pueblo Rock Hounds

The Pueblo Rock Hounds meet every third Thursday at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 10 University Circle, Pueblo, Colorado. Although you can attend the meetings without a membership, you should purchase a yearly membership to join their expeditions.

They host field trips in the mountains and have a yearly mineral auction. They don’t allow guests on their field trips, so you’ll want to pay $15 for an annual membership!


Western Interior Paleontological Society Denver, Colorado

The Western Interior Paleontological Society of Denver, Colorado, meets the first Monday of the month from May-September. They host fabulous rock auctions, so if you don’t have time to attend a field trip, check out the auction.

If you do have time for a field trip, though, they host field trips in the Spring and Fall. These trips typically take day trips searching for marine fossils. But they also have different trips which span several days!