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Here at Rockhounding Maps, we give you access and information to the best dig sites for crystals and minerals in Indiana.  On top of that, we’ve created a resource page to assist with answering all of your gem and mineral collecting questions.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and come back often because we’re always adding new dig locations and crystal collecting updates. This is a great resource for anyone who loves rockhounding, from beginners to experts alike!

Rockhounding in Indiana is a great way to discover the state’s diverse geology and fossilized wildlife. The number of potential collecting sites here makes it an excellent location for those interested not only in rocks, but also minerals that can be found within them!

We are here for any questions or concerns that might arise about your adventures in mineral collecting.

Indiana Rockhound Locations

If you’re looking for some great rockhound locations in Indiana, you’re in the right place! 

Indiana has several places in the northeast and central portions of the State that are great for rock hounding. Morgan, Lawrence, and Fort Wayne are the best-known areas since they’re close to several quarries. Although there are some caverns and mines around the big cities, most don’t allow collecting, so they’re not the best areas for rock hunting. 

Indiana is known as the crossroads of America since it’s very close to the heartland. Rock enthusiasts have the opportunity to dig for Quartz crystals, Geodes, Agate, Petrified Wood, Calcite, and Barite just to name a few.

Keep reading below to find a couple of locations for your next field trip and make sure you tell us about it.

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yellow barite crystal cluster


Agate Locations In Indiana

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Maumee River41.081918, -85.112732Agate, Jasper, Fossilized coral, Petrified wood
Fort Wayne41.118153, -85.149419Agate, Jasper


Central Indiana is a great location for rock-hounding. While Indianapolis is in this area, much of the surrounding lands are rural.

Morgan County is a rural region of Indiana with plenty of natural scenery. It’s located just south of Indianapolis, the capital city of the State. 

You can expect to find Corundum, Topaz, and Quartz crystals.

Elizabethtown and Bartholomew County are located just southeast of Morgan County. It’s a great rock-hounding spot, thanks to several rock deposits in the local riverbeds. 

You can expect to find Fluorite and Calcite in this region. 


Crystal Hunting In Indiana

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Coryden area quarries38.246858, -86.149147Calcite, Fluorite, Dolomite, Quartz
Bicknell38.729270, -87.413596Marcasite, Pyrite
Coal Hollow38.625640, -86.765392Siderite
Elizabethtown39.165911, -85.777754Calcite, Fluorite, Marcasite
Brown County39.196118, -86.211679Corundum, Quartz, Topaz
Williams Creek39.888424, -86.143299Amethyst, Quartz crystals
Bloomington39.169609, -86.622747Fluorite, Aragonite, Calcite, Barite
Harrodsburg (road cuts)39.07433242962591, -86.53648030022588Calcite, Dolomite, Aragonite
Morgan County39.483289, -86.438056Quartz, Corundum, Topaz


Brown County is located just east of Yellowwood State Forest and a few miles south of Morgan County. It’s a small, rural community with several rich mineral deposits. 

You can expect to find various Geodes and Agates in this region. 

William’s Creek is a water system in Marion County in Washington Township. This is a hilly, suburban region with a couple of nature reserves, making it ideal for amateur explorers. 

This is a great spot to find various Quartz crystals, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst


star rose quartz


Indiana Geodes Map

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Beanblossom creek39.262129, -86.248296Geodes
Brown County State Park39.177965, -86.269778Geodes (goethite, marcasite, aragonite, quartz crystals)
Erie area40.783995, -85.898827Geodes
Salt Creek gravels38.958459, -86.394688Geodes (quartz crystals)
Bedford area38.872064, -86.419909Geodes
Lawrence County38.976521, -86.505236Geodes (quartz, calcite, sphalerite, celestite, fluorite)


Northeastern Indiana is the second-best spot for rock hunting. Thanks to glacial movements millions of years ago, there’s fresh sediment exposed above the ground.

Fort Wayne is a fairly industrial region of Indiana. This can make rock-hounding within the city somewhat complicated. 

However, just outside the city are several hills and outcrops which make for the perfect rock-hounding region. You can find some fine specimens of Agate and Jasper in this area. 

Maumee River is located within Fort Wayne Township. Although this is one of the more rural sections of the township, making it one of the best spots for rock hunting in the area. 

In addition to Agate and Jasper, you can expect to find Petrified Wood and various fossils in this region. 


Indiana Fossil Locations

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Weisburg area39.222209, -85.048409Trilobites
Maumee River41.081918, -85.112732Fossilized coral, Petrified wood


Huntington County is a semi-rural township with natural bodies of water, such as Claire Lake. These bodies of water create excellent deposits of rocks and minerals. 

This is a great spot to find Calcite, Pyrite, Quartz, and Sphalerite crystals

Southern Indiana isn’t the richest spot for rock hunting since it experienced the most flooding. But there’s something here for rock-hounding! 

Lawrence County is just a few miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. The surrounding region is relatively flat and only sparsely populated. 

You can find Quartz and Geodes in this region. 

Harrison County and Corydon are located a few miles north of Harrison Crawford State Forest. It’s a green, rural region near several quarries and excavation sites. 

This is a good place to find Fluorite, Calcite, Dolomite, and various Quartz crystals.


geode varieties


Gemstone Hunting In Indiana

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Buddha38.771705, -86.377726Barite, Calcite, Celestite, Gypsum
Georgia area quarries38.709505, -86.575640Barite crystals, Dolomite
New Point39.323177, -85.345025Chalcopyrite
Indianapolis39.709463, -86.203131Moonstone
Highland Creek39.512397, -86.456165Sapphire
Spencer39.280386, -86.781704Barite, Celestite, Siderite
Parke County39.772831, -87.213747Marcasite, Pyrite, Selenite, Sphalerite
Norristown area quarry39.362803, -85.773990Calcite, Fluorite, Marcasite
Big Pine Creek40.410001, -87.343298Sphalerite, Barite, Fossilized wood, Siderite, Marcasite, Pyrite

Is It Legal to Collect Fossils on Public Lands in Indiana? 

You cannot collect fossils or petrified wood on public lands in Indiana. Public lands include State and federally-owned lands, such as parks and water systems. One of the best ways to legally collect these fossils is to request access to private lands from the landowners. 


How Can You Safely Hunt for Rocks in Waterways? 

Water-safe shoes and sand-sifting tools are essential for safe and effective gem hunting in waterways. Avoid gem hunting in the early spring months and stay along the shoreline since this is where most sediment is deposited. 


yellow fluorite crystal

Rock And Mineral Societies


500 Earth Science Club

The 500 Earth Science Club meets on the second Sunday of each month. They state on their website that their meetings are open to the public and offer an informative and fun experience. 

You can check out their upcoming informative speeches on their calendar page


Lawrence County Rock Club

The Lawrence County Rock Club meets every first Saturday of the month. They pride themselves in being a welcoming community focused on learning and teaching.

Adult memberships of $10 for the year grant you access to their gem shows and information sessions!


 Eastern Indiana Gem & Geological Society

The Eastern Indiana Gem and Geological Society typically meet on the first Thursday of each month. However, check their website since their meeting dates might change in 2023!

They host stunning rock and mineral shows. They also have arts, and crafts shows where artisans can display their jewelry!