What Is the Most Expensive Geode? 

Geodes are a cluster of crystals that form inside an air pocket, water pocket, or other hollow patches inside the Earth. The most common are clear quartz and limestone geodes since they typically form near water deposits. However, amethyst and black calcite geodes are the most expensive.

The most valuable geode ever found was the Empress of Uruguay, which is made of Amethyst and has a couple of Calcite crystals as well.  Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone of the Quartz variety and the highest quality is royal purple in color and occasionally has a blue flash.


Empress of Uruguay geode


What is the Empress Of Uruguay Geode?

The Empress of Uruguay Geode is the most valuable geode ever found. It is valued at over $150,000 US dollars and is currently housed in a crystal museum in Australia. This crystal took three months for miners to extract the geode from the solid basalt and geologists believe it took at least 130 million years to form.

The Artigas mine is known to produce some of the highest quality Amethyst geodes but the Empress of Uruguay is the world’s most valuable. 

The discovery of the Empress of Uruguay was a game-changer in many ways. Not only was this geode the most valuable, but it was also the largest amethyst ever found.

It stands at 3.27 meters, or 10.73 feet tall. This means it towers over even the tallest men and has a vast, open cavity displaying its purple interior.

Although this geode is the most valuable and largest amethyst, it’s not the largest geode. The two largest geodes are the Pulpi Geode in Spain and Ohio’s Crystal Cave.

The Pulpi Geode stretches for over eight miles and is almost two miles wide. Ohio’s Crystal Caves are considered the largest geode ever discovered, over 30 feet in width.

These caverns are just giant geodes underground, which is impressive.

However, amethysts are a much rarer crystal variety. This is why, although not the largest geode, the Empress of Uruguay geode is the most valuable!


artigas mines


Empress Of Uruguay Price

The geode was purchased in 2007 for $75,000.00 USD and the current owners dished out an additional $25,000.00 USD to ship the massive geode across the ocean.   If it was sold today then more than likely it would go to auction.  There’s no telling what it would sell for because it’s so unique and there’s only one in the world.  If a bidding war started then I’d expect this geode to sell for well north of $150,000.


crystal caves australia


Where is the Empress Of Uruguay Located?

This beautiful Amethyst geode is now on display at the Crystal Caves in Australia which means everyone can enjoy Mother Nature’s creation.  So, add this to your bucket list when visiting Australia.  The Empress of Uruguay makes for the ultimate Tik Tok or Instagram post.

I provided a link above but if you wondering where Crystal Caves is located in Australia then look no further.  The museum is located an hour’s drive time from Cairns International Airport and has an amazing crystal and mineral collection for you to view.


amethyst geode with calcite crystal


Closing Thoughts

Geodes are a stunning natural phenomenon. While amethyst and black calcite geodes might be the most valuable, don’t overlook the dozens of varieties!

Crystal quartz geodes are vibrant and complement a crystal lamp nicely. My favorite collections of geode lamps are available on Conscious Items!

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  1. I have about a 40 lb amethyst geode and was wondering if it is worth getting appraised I found it in New Mexico while trout fishing

    1. Sam – It will depend on what you need the appraisal for. If you’re thinking about insuring it from loss then your homeowners insurance should cover the geode. If you wondering about how much it’s worth then you’ll need to determine the quality of the crystals, the color, and overall rarity.

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