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If you’re looking for Malachite, Azurite, and Chrysocolla then Coyote Point, in Haines, OR, is a great location for Oregon rockhounds. 

The material originating from Coyote Point is not of high quality.  The Malachite and Azurite are found on matrix and vein-like.

This location is excellent for families, junior rockhounds, and old-timers and it’s free.

Keep reading below to learn more about what to bring, types of clothing to wear, and driving directions.  We even provided a GPS coordinate to assist with finding the dig location.

Types of Crystals and Minerals

You’ll definitely bring home specimens but you’ll want to be picky and cleave off the best section of the matrix that shows Malachite and Azurite.

The hillside produces plenty of specimens and it’s fairly easy to work.  Feel free to explore the surrounding areas for other dig sites.

Here’s a list of the most popular finds.

  • Malachite – Light to dark green in color covering matrix or host rock, specimen quality.
  • Azurite – Mostly light blue in color and on matrix material.
  • Chrysocolla – On or in matrix.  Mostly veins and can’t be used in lapidary work.
  • Calcite – Mostly matrix with Azurite and Malachite veins or stains running through it.  Mostly specimen quality.


This location is great because you don’t have to pay for access and there are plenty of mineral specimens to add to your collection.

chrysocolla coyote point

Tools and Tips For Crystals Digs

A crystal prospector will want to pack a variety of tools for this trip. They should have snacks and drinks in case they get thirsty or hungry, as well as packing materials for crystals and minerals collected onsite. Don’t forget about the weather and make sure to dress appropriately.

Must-Have Tools and Accessories 

  • Sunscreen
  • Big wheeled carts
  • 5-gallon buckets
  • Newspaper for packing
  • Estwing rock hammer
  • 3 lb hammer
  • Chisel
  • Gloves
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve (depends on weather)
  • Boots
  • Towels for drying off
  • Fresh clothes (you’re going to sweat)


Please take into consideration the local weather before you drive to Coyote Point.

azurite malachite matrix

Driving Directions

From I-84 take exit 285 (US 30 South) and go 8.5 miles to Haines. 

Once you’re in downtown Haines you’ll want to take 3rd street eastbound for 0.9 miles.  Make a left on Haines Dump Rd and drive 9/10ths of a mile to Coyote Peak Rd. 

Right turn and then look for dirt feeder roads on your right.  You’ll see three of these roads, which will take you close to the dig site.

From Coyote Peak Rd. it will be about a half mile up the road and you’ll see power lines along the side of the road.

Address: North Powder School District 08j, OR

Type or copy the GPS coordinates below into your Google or Apple Maps.

GPS Coordinates



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