Apache Tears

apache tears nodules

Apache tears are merikanite obsidian nodules that are formed when lava cools incredibly quickly. The rapid cooling results in volcanic glass instead of forming crystals. These nodules vary in size from pea-sized to the size of a baseball. They’re often found in a Perlite Matrix near Superior, Arizona, but can be found elsewhere. Fun fact […]

Marcasite Stone

marcasite cabochons

Marcasite is a semi-precious stone known for its unique, stained glass-like shine. It has a metallic luster with a greenish-yellow to brassy color and some say it appears to be fibrous when you look at it with a 10x powered loop. Most people can recognize the name marcasite because it is used in inexpensive jewelry […]

Fairburn Agate

fairburn agates

Fairburn agate has become one of the most sought-after agates in the United States because of its tight banding and rich earthy tones. The Fairburn agate fields are located in South Dakota and rockhounds travel from all around to search for and collect these agate nodules. Due to its popularity, I decided to do an […]