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Here at the Rockhounding Maps, we give you access and information to the best dig sites for crystals and minerals in South Carolina.  On top of that, we’ve created a resource page to assist with answering all of your gem and mineral collecting questions.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and come back often because we’re always adding new dig locations and crystal collecting updates. This is a great resource for anyone who loves rockhounding, from beginners to experts alike!

Rockhounding in South Carolina is a great way to discover the state’s diverse geology and fossilized wildlife. The number of potential collecting sites here makes it an excellent location for those interested not only in rocks, but also minerals that can be found within them!

We are here for any questions or concerns that might arise about your adventures in mineral collecting.

South Carolina Rock Hound Locations

South Carolina is one of my all-time favorite states to dig for crystals, minerals, and geodes. Back in the 90s, I’d drive a couple of hours to a local dig site and always come home with skeletal quartz, amethyst, sapphires, and garnets.

If you’re lucky enough to live in this state then you’re surrounded by amazing gem mines and crystal dig sites. Keep reading below for locations you should have on your list to visit and explore. 

The western portion of the state has quite a few locations but the coastal area has fossils and megalodon teeth. Whether you’re looking to add crystals and gemstones to your collection or start a new fossil collection, South Carolina has you covered.

Here are the best areas to go rockhounding in South Carolina! 


South Carolina Crystal Map

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Abbeville County34.207899, -82.414270Beryl, Corundum, Epidote, Jasper
Diamond Hill Mine34.270259, -82.573758Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Beryl, Epidote
Donalds area34.340809, -82.28974
Savannah River bank34.345635, -82.801510Aquamarine, Beryl
Iva area exposures34.306504, -82.673418Amethyst
Anderson34.530992, -82.716413Beryl
Anderson34.508429, -82.572457Aquamarine, Beryl, Garnet, Quartz crystals, Tourmaline
Piedmont pegmatite outcrops34.688359, -82.462774Aquamarine, Tourmaline
Cherokee County gravels35.102498, -81.572557Barite, Hematite, Kyanite, Sapphire
Bowens River and tributaries35.164563, -81.578938Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald, Quartz crystals, Topaz, Zircon, Amethyst, Rutile
Gaffney area mines35.070240, -81.542105Cassiterite, Feldspar, Kyanite, Quartz Crystals
Henry’s Knob35.130961, -81.27506
Andalusite, Kyanite, Staurolite, Tourmaline
Hickory Grove34.947067, -81.479175Andalusite, Kyanite, Staurolite, Tourmaline
Smyrna34.996748, -81.459648Calcite, Galena, Sphalerite, Tourmaline


Western South Carolina

The western area of South Carolina offers a diverse selection of crystals and minerals. It’s home to Diamond Hill Mine in Antreville and some other smaller sites. 

The Diamond Hill Mine is one of the most popular spots in the whole state for rock hunting. This is largely due to the high-quality amethysts, smoky quartz, and other semi-precious crystals. 

However, this site is fee-to-dig, meaning you’ll have to pay a small fee to participate.

Pickens County and Anderson are located just north and slightly east of Diamond Hill Mine. Although close together, we wanted to mention this region because it also offers plenty! 

Here you can expect to find fine specimens of

  • Quartz Crystals
  • Amethyst
  • Geodes
  • Aquamarine
  • Garnet 


South Carolina Gemstone Map

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Clearwater & Herse Valley33.538364, -81.823864Amethyst, Chalcedony, Quartz Crystals (smoky, rutilated), Rutile, Zircon
Jefferson area mines34.714074, -80.36414
Turkey Creek near Highway 2533.881437, -81.974859Serpentine
Lake Murray Dam34.048872, -81.198786Garnet, Kyanite crystals
Haile Gold Mine34.580422, -80.531983Pyrite, Quartz
Flat Creek area mines34.684934, -80.586279Pyrite, Sericite
Prosperity34.208767, -81.519269Barite Crystals
Big Creek & Little Saluda River, the Cultbreath Mine34.061846, -81.676592Amphibolite, Chalcopyrite, Magnetite, Pyrite
Columbia area, near Lake Murray34.078465, -81.239307Amethyst
Liberty Hill, Catawba River tributaries34.471456, -80.836304Smoky Quartz Crystals, Zircon


The Northern part of South Carolina is a great place to find tourmaline and beryl specimens to add to your rock collection. 

Henry’s Knob is located on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina. This rural area is an excellent spot for hunting tourmaline, kyanite, and other translucent crystals.

Liberty Hill is located in the northeastern portion of South Carolina and is known for smoky quartz crystals. 

Bowen’s River Road is just north of Cherokee Falls and rests squarely on the North Carolina border. This spot is great for finding emeralds and sapphires! If you make it out to this location and find emeralds then you might want to know how to value them. I’ve provided details on emerald pricing here

The Southern region of South Carolina is a great spot for fossils! The shallow pools near the ocean could provide a great location for picking up Megalodon teeth and other shark teeth. 

This is one of the most popular sites for fossil hunting in the Carolinas! 

Shark Teeth – Summerville, SC


South Carolina Petrified Wood Map

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Darlington area and Pee Dee River34.305432, -79.658924Petrified wood
Bellyache Creek34.337544, -79.984068Petrified wood
Fairfield County34.399535, -80.909372Petrified wood
Blenheim34.442071, -79.661808Petrified wood


Langley River is an awesome spot for Rockhounding! You’ll likely uncover some amethysts, zircon, and quartz crystals.

Darlington Pee Dee River stretches from the northeast to the southeast. It’s an excellent spot for rock hounds to collect petrified wood. 


Is It Legal to Rock Hunt in South Carolina? 

Rockhounding is legal in most areas of South Carolina. Some sites require a fee to dig, while others are private and off-limits to the public. You should never trespass on private or restricted property.


Where Can You Find Megalodon Teeth in South Carolina? 

Myrtle Beach and other coastal sites are the best spots to hunt for Megalodon teeth. These sites are also rich in other shark teeth, including Lemon and Bull.


South Carolina Fossil Map

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeTypes of Fossils
Folly Beach32.652160, -79.944731Megalodon teeth
Kiawah Island32.601697, -80.083054Megalodon teeth, shark teeth
Morgan River32.445653, -80.481021Megalodon teeth
Myrtle Beach33.687874, -78.882174Fossilized shark teeth, Megalodon teeth
Cooper River33.192813, -79.969028Megalodon teeth
Morris Island32.710025, -79.883897Megalodon teeth
Edisto Beach32.487884, -80.317285Megalodon teeth
Florence County34.017766, -79.713110Petrified wood

Rock and Mineral Societies


Aiken Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Society

The Aiken Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Society meet every second Friday of the month. They gather at 945 Bull Street, Columbia, SC, which is right next to the local park!

While they don’t have a website yet, they do have an active Facebook page. You’ll be able to engage with seasoned rock hunters from the area and learn more about their meetings.


The Western South Carolina Gem & Mineral Society

The Western South Carolina Gem and Mineral Society meet every second Monday of each month. They also host annual auctions and special field trips. 

If you have children, then they also have something fun for them! Visit their Little Miners page to start getting involved. 


Low Country Gem and Mineral Society

The Low Country Gem and Mineral Society meets every second Thursday of each month. They offer several perks to their club members, including their newsletter, voting on the Board, and field trips. 

You can also interact with them directly on their Facebook page.