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Here at Rockhounding Maps, we give you access and information to the best dig sites for crystals and minerals in Washington.  On top of that, we’ve created a resource page to assist with answering all of your gem and mineral collecting questions.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and come back often because we’re always adding new dig locations and crystal collecting updates. This is a great resource for anyone who loves rockhounding, from beginners to experts alike!

Rockhounding in Washington is a great way to discover the state’s diverse geology and fossilized wildlife. The number of potential collecting sites here makes it an excellent location for those interested not only in rocks, but also minerals that can be found within them!

We are here for any questions or concerns that might arise about your adventures in mineral collecting.

Washington Rockhound Locations

Are you looking for a tremendous rock-hounding adventure in Washington? If so, you’re in luck! Washington is home to some of the best rock-hounding spots in the country.

The best rock-hounding locations in Washington are the Ginkgo Petrified Forest, Walker Valley, and Washington Beaches. You can also try the Saddle Mountains and Columbia River Gorge. These locations are best because they are open to the public.

Have you ever dreamed of going on a rock-hounding adventure in Washington? There are quite a few locations to dig for crystals, gems, Petrified Wood, Fossils, and Agate.  With its diverse landscape, Washington can be a perfect place for you to hunt for rocks!

Be polite wherever you explore. Always pack out what you packed in. Meaning if you stop for a snack while rockhounding at any site, clean up after yourself and pack your trash items back out with you.

Always do your research regarding laws and regulations, and don’t forget to ask for permission to access an area and collect specimens.

This article will discuss the top rockhound locations in Washington and the different types of rocks and minerals you can collect. Don’t forget to make it to the bottom of the page because we list out the best rock and mineral societies in the state. If you’re serious about collecting rocks then you’ll want to join one of these amazing clubs.

If you’re an active rock collector in Washington then send us an email about your favorite locations and we will feature you on the site and we might sponsor you as well. That’s right, we will pay you to go dig for rocks and minerals.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a rock-hounding journey, read on to find out more!


Dig For Agate

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Ringold46.488451, -119.248572Agate
Kelso46.067206, -122.867712Agate
Aberdeen46.850482, -124.113485Flower Jasper
Moclips47.269929, -124.230802Agate, Jasper
Kalaloch47.607679, -124.375181Agate, Jasper
Queets47.539912, -124.356140Agate, Chert, Jasper
Lucas Creek46.638923, -122.772335Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Geodes, Jasper, Petrified wood
McCoy Farm46.617128, -123.141353Carnelian, Petrified wood
Centralia46.746115, -122.941503Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Geodes, Jasper, Petrified wood
Doty in Chehalis River46.642502, -123.279982Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Geodes, Jasper, Petrified wood
Pe Ell regional river46.573685, -123.303473Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Geodes, Jasper, Petrified wood
Long Beach46.360822, -124.064345Agate, Chalcedony, Quartz
Ocean Park46.492395, -124.058736Agate, Chalcedony, Quartz
Green Creek46.588285, -123.615081Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Jasper
Mt. Adams46.235928, -121.547376Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Jasper, Quartz crystals
Dungeness48.139289, -123.133892Agate, Orbicular Jasper
Lake Crescent48.079551, -123.930529Jasper
Crescent Beach48.161209, -123.709422Agate, Chert, Jasper
La Push area beach gravels47.905015, -124.634910Agate, Jasper
Sol Duc River47.934705, -124.495966Agate, Chert, Jasper
Sappho area in Sol Duc River gravels48.070646, -124.286030Agate, Orbicular Jasper
Cle Elum, area47.205511, -120.935447Agate
Liberty47.272687, -120.633654Agate, Chalcedony
Bickleton area46.019898, -120.515154Agate, Carnelian, Jasper, Opalized wood


Walker Valley is a rockhound paradise, especially if you’re interested in finding agates. The area is rich in Agates, Jasper, and Petrified Wood deposits.

There are three main deposit areas in Walker Valley. 

  • The Junior Agate chalcedony seam is the largest and most productive. It yields beautiful specimens of chalcedony in a variety of colors.
  • The Blue Candy is smaller but still produces some stunning pieces of chalcedony. It often gives blue or green hues.
  • The Fly-by-Nite deposit is the smallest of the three. It is still worth checking out for its rare and unique minerals.

Here’s a pro tip: go early in the season before the area gets too crowded. The best rocks are near the creek beds, so bring a shovel and a bucket to collect your treasures.

So, if you’re looking for a great place to start rockhounding, Walker Valley is the place for you!

The Ginkgo Petrified Forest is an excellent place for rock-hounding! This forest is home to various petrified wood, including ginkgo, fir, and spruce. The forest is also great for finding Agates, Jasper, and Petrified Palmwood.

The park is located along the Columbia River near Vantage in Central Washington, off Interstate 90. The park is open year-round from 10 am to 5 pm, and there are plenty of hiking trails to explore. 

When visiting the Ginkgo Petrified Forest, quick tips are to:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Some of the trails can be quite challenging, with steep sections. 
  • Bring plenty of water. It can get pretty hot in the summer. 


Dig For Crystals

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Clay City46.928434, -122.236806Amethyst
Mondovi47.729584, -118.048280Opal, Fire Opal
Metaline Falls, Josephine Mine48.879986, -117.371903Smithsonite
Newport48.196447, -117.061826Amethyst
Sacheen Lake48.147558, -117.333664Garnet
Daybreak Mine47.944006, -117.197859Autunite
Chattaroy47.887224, -117.356467Garnet, Quartz crystals
Silver Hill47.559173, -117.327674Cassiterite
Copper King Mine48.780966, -117.654436Chalcopyrite
Deer Lake48.110741, -117.553049Pyrite
Covada48.236997, -118.199865Stibnite
Cathedral Peak48.989898, -120.178033Wolframite
Methow, area mines48.264913, -120.056646Stibnite, Chalcopyrite
Osoyoos Lake48.963550, -119.451526Copper minerals, Pyrite
Tunk Creek48.561460, -119.486580Quartz crystals, Corundum (blue, pink), Thulite, Plagioclase


Washington beaches offer some of the best rock-hounding opportunities in the state. The beaches here are rich in minerals and fossils. This makes them a treasure trove for rockhounds.

Some of the best rock-hounding beaches in Washington include:

  • Damon Point Beach
  • Glass Beach 
  • Rosario Beach
  • Rialto Beach

Each beach’s unique geological history has left a wealth of minerals and fossils for rockhounds to discover. 

Here’s a pro tip: look for rocks during low tide, when the water recedes and exposes the rocks and sand. You can also look at where the waves have eroded the rocks.

So, whether you’re looking for rare minerals or ancient fossils, there’s sure to be a beach in Washington that has what you’re looking for.


The Saddle Mountains have long been popular for rockhounds looking to collect petrified wood. The mountains are also home to minerals like Quartz, Agate, and Jasper.

If you want a great spot to do some rock hounding in Saddle Mountains, Washington, here’re some pro tips: 

  • Head to the southeast side of the mountain range. This is where you’ll find some of the best rocks and minerals in the area.
  • Make sure you have a good map. The terrain in this area can be rugged, and it’s easy to get turned around. A good map will help you stay on track and find the best collection spots.
  • Bring a hammer and chisel. You’ll need these tools to break open the rocks and get at the crystals inside.

Saddle Mountain is a great choice if you want a location to rockhound with plenty of spots to explore.


Dig For Geodes

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Red Top Mt. and Teanaway Ridge47.329481, -120.745627Blue Agate Geodes
Middle Fork Teanaway River47.297134, -120.962279Chalcedony Geodes
Ellensburg47.089262, -120.517846Blue Chalcedony Geodes
Lucas Creek46.638923, -122.772335Geodes
Centralia46.746115, -122.941503Geodes
Chehalis River gravels46.642502, -123.279982Geodes
Newaukum River gravels46.607618, -122.861320Geodes
Pe Ell regional river and stream gravels46.573685, -123.303473Geodes
Toledo area46.442831, -122.843353Geodes, Nodules


The Columbia River Gorge is a great place to rock-hound agates. You can explore agates along the riverbanks and in the nearby hills. 

Here are some of the best places to go rock-hounding in the Columbia River Gorge:

  • Cascade Locks: This area is best for its Agates.
  • Hood River: The river is a great place to find Jasper.

Other rocks and minerals in the Columbia River Gorge include Petrified Wood and Opal.


Agate – Columbia River Basin


With its stunning scenery and easy access to hiking and camping, Columbia River Gorge is sure a rockhounder’s paradise.

A pro tip is to familiarize yourself with the area and know the best spots for finding rocks. 


Dig For Fossils and Petrified Wood

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Horse Heaven Hills46.131602, -119.846291Opalized wood
Petrified Forest State Park46.960226, -119.988429Opalized wood, Petrified wood
Columbia River gravels46.834922, -119.949694Opalized wood, Petrified wood
Bickleton46.019898, -120.515154Opalized wood
Lyle45.695420, -121.242308Petrified wood
Klickitat River45.753198, -121.208526Petrified wood
Mabton46.163077, -119.980711Petrified wood, Opalized wood
Rattlesnake Mt.46.395714, -119.613123Petrified wood, Opalized wood
Cairn Hope Peak, 46.566137, -119.976887Petrified wood, Opalized wood
Mattawa46.774743, -119.848864Opalized wood (logs)
Grand Coulee47.929658, -119.007152Opalized wood
Moses Coulie47.452081, -119.810409Opalized wood
Lucas Creek46.638923, -122.772335Petrified wood
McCoy Farm46.617128, -123.141353Petrified wood
Centralia46.746115, -122.941503Petrified wood
Pe Ell regional river46.573685, -123.303473Petrified wood
Willapa Hills46.666966, -123.501912Agatized fossil shells
Lebam46.563522, -123.564790Agatized fossil shells
Doty46.642502, -123.279982Petrified wood


Washington is great for rock-hounding, with plenty of locations to explore. Whether looking for fossils, crystals, or exciting rocks, you will find something special. So don’t hesitate to start exploring!

List of Rock and Mineral Societies

There are several incredible Rockhounding Clubs and Societies in the state of Washington. Let’s dig right into the details. 


Callam County Gem & Mineral Association

Collecting rocks, learning lapidary skills, taking courses or classes, and field trips are all some things to experience within the Callam County Gem and Mineral Association. Aside from classes, lessons, and good times, the association sponsors two annual Gem and Mineral shows in Port Angeles.

You’ll have access to the club’s lapidary shop, field trips, and various shows and events. Throughout the year, members go on field trips throughout Callam County and nearby sites in the Olympic Peninsula. The Pacific Northwest is an excellent area for rockhounds.

Memberships are open to anyone, and the current dues include:

Individual $35

Couples $50

Family – 6 or less $65


Everett Rock and Gem Club

The Everett Rock and Gem Club meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Members can partake in classes, field trips, kid’s activities, monthly meetings, rock shows, and there is even a rock sale every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

New member fees include:

$20 individual

$30 couples

$7.50 Junior – under 18 with an adult member

Renewal fees are less, being $15 per individual, $20 per couple, and $5 per junior.


Hells Canyon GemClub, Inc.

The Hells Canyon GemClub, Inc. is a nonprofit social club that promotes rockhounding in its various forms. Members can access classes, courses, fieldwork, field trips, training, and an annual gem and mineral show.

The Club meets every second Friday of the month.

Membership dues are $15 per adult free for Juniors. Sit in on a meeting to see what the Club is all about, and if you choose to join, dig in!