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Here at Rockhounding Maps, we give you access and information to the best dig sites for crystals and minerals in Maine.  On top of that, we’ve created a resource page to assist with answering all of your gem and mineral collecting questions.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and come back often because we’re always adding new dig locations and crystal collecting updates. This is a great resource for anyone who loves rockhounding, from beginners to experts alike!

Rockhounding in Maine is a great way to discover the state’s diverse geology and fossilized wildlife. The number of potential collecting sites here makes it an excellent location for those interested not only in rocks, but also minerals that can be found within them!

We are here for any questions or concerns that might arise about your adventures in mineral collecting.

Maine Rockhound Locations

Maine is one of New England’s most popular rock-hounding locations. This is because of the variety of minerals, crystals, and gemstones. Maine’s surface geology is full of high-quality pegmatites.

Maine is famous for its gemstone production and the many mineral sites exposed due to glacial withdrawal. A few prime examples of rockhounding locations include the Pingree Ledge Quarry, Lord Hill, Deer Hill, and Mount Apatite.

Have you ever dreamed of going on a rock-hounding adventure in Maine? Rockhounds can find Amethyst, Tourmaline, Garnet, Quartz, Topaz, varieties of Jasper,  Aquamarine, and many other high-quality pieces. Some of the best areas to go rockhounding in Maine include the old mines and quarries in the southwestern region of the state and the beaches along the Atlantic coast.  With its diverse landscape, Maine can be a perfect place for you to hunt for rocks!

Be polite wherever you explore. Always pack out what you packed in. Meaning if you stop for a snack while rockhounding at any site, clean up after yourself and pack your trash items back out with you.

Always do your research regarding laws and regulations, and don’t forget to ask for permission to access an area and collect specimens.

This article will discuss the top rockhound locations in Maine and the different types of rocks and minerals you can collect. Don’t forget to make it to the bottom of the page because we list out the best rock and mineral societies in the state. If you’re serious about collecting rocks then you’ll want to join one of these amazing clubs.

If you’re an active rock collector in Maine then send us an email about your favorite locations and we will feature you on the site and we might sponsor you as well. That’s right, we will pay you to go dig for rocks and minerals.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a rock-hounding journey, then grab your rock hammer, and let’s get started!


elbaite tourmaline crystal cluster


Dig For Gems

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Lord Hill Mineral Collecting44.224061, -70.953597Feldspar, Quartz, Topaz, Phenakite, Garnet
Bumpus Quarry44.310636, -70.781698Albite, Garnet, Autunite, Beryl, Aquamarine, Columbite, Fluorapatite, Feldspar, Quartz, Zircon
Scribner Ledge Quarry44.276850, -70.735227Albite, Garnet, Beryl, Mica, Columbite, Fluorapatite, Quartz, Schorl
Heikkinen Quarry44.301253, -70.632302Albite, Garnet, Autunite, Beryl, Feldspar, Mica, Opal, Pyrite, Schorl, Zircon
Harvard, Tamminen, and Waisanen Quarries44.282956, -70.639487Garnet, Beryl, Mica, Calcite, Lepidolite, Quartz, Schorl, Spodumene, Topaz, Zircon
Ryerson Hill Quarry & Crocker Hill Mines44.276200, -70.467332Pyrite, Quartz, Albite, Garnet, Beryl, Feldspar, Schorl
Singepole Mountain Quarry44.226690, -70.453606Garnet, Beryl, Muscovite, Quartz, Schorl
Pitts Garnet Mine44.105620, -70.333196Actinolite, Calcite, Diopside, Garnet, Molybdenite, Quartz, Titanite, Beryl, Feldspar, Muscovite
Mount Apatite Quarries44.087119, -70.290432Albite, Garnet, Aquamarine, Biotite, Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Pyrite, Quartz, Rhodochrosite
Baldpate Mountain44.609213, -70.892147Aquamarine
Gleason Cover44.967704, -67.059328Jasper
Poland Mining Camps44.073244, -70.410480Quartz, Feldspar, Beryl, Mica, Tourmaline


The little town of Topsham is located in Sagadahoc County, Maine. It’s one of the best rockhound locations in the state because of the quarries nearby. A prime example is the Porcupine Hill Quarry.

Porcupine Hill quarry is an excellent place to find Almandine Garnets, Quartz crystals, Beryl, Albite, Biotite, Fluorapatite, and Tourmaline. Rockhounds can also visit the Square Pit, Havey, Trenton, and Alice Staples, which are all near Topsham. With some luck, you might harvest some high-quality specimens, including Zircon, Beryl, Mica, Aquamarine, Quartz, Albite, and Garnets.

Don’t let the name deceive you. The Lubec Lead Mine, near Lubec, Maine, is an excellent rockhound location for explorers to score decent specimens. Hounds can find high-quality items, including (not limited to) Biotite, Limonite, Malachite, Wulfenite, Anglesite, Bornite, Calcite, Cerussite, Epidote, Hematite, Quartz, and Smithsonite.

Pingree Ledge Quarry is near Albany and is an excellent place to find milky, smoky, and clear Quartz crystals. Rockhounds can also find green and golden Beryl.

If you’re not interested in those minerals, no worries. You might also find Mica, Albite, Columbite, Fluorite, Fluorapatite, Feldspar, and Almandine Garnets.

Near Albany, Maine, the Bumpus Quarry contains milky, rose, and smoky Quartz crystals. Zircon, golden Beryl, Garnet, Autunite, and Aquamarine are several other potential finds for rockhounds to unearth.


imperial topaz crystal


Dig For Crystals

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Lubec Lead Mine44.840244, -67.053293Anglesite, Bornite, Calcite, Cerussite, Chalcopyrite, Dolomite, Epidote, Galena, Goethite, Hematite, Malachite, Pyrite, Quartz, Wulfenite
Jasper Beach44.627590, -67.387341Jasper
Catherine Mountain44.617182, -68.084120Quartz crystals, Biotite, Fluorapatite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Scheelite, Stilbite
Warren Nickel Prospect44.176899, -69.255777Chalcopyrite
Edgecomb Quarry43.963224, -69.617756Garnet, Beryl, Aquamarine, Biotite, Feldspar, Muscovite, Quartz
Havey, Trenton, Square Pit, and Alice Staples Quarries43.975729, -69.944823Albite, Garnet, Biotite, Aquamarine, Chalcopyrite, Schorl, Quartz, Zircon, Elbaite
Porcupine Hill Quarry43.959469, -69.983844Albite, Garnet, Beryl, Biotite, Columbite, Tourmaline, Fluorapatite, Quartz crystals, Schorl
Acton Lead Mines43.483159, -70.910400Andalusite, Chalcopyrite, Galena, Goethite, Pyrite, Quartz, Sphalerite
Bemis Stream Prospect44.824144, -70.716848Beryl, Tourmaline, Fluorapatite, Feldspar, Mica, Quartz, Garnet, Sphalerite, Spodumene
Swift River44.737113, -70.608018Gold, Garnet, Magnetite, Staurolite
Hedgehog Hill Quarry44.468778, -70.456083Albite, Garnet, Beryl, Mica, Chrysoberyl, Fluorapatite, Feldspar, Quartz, Schrol
Ragged Jack Mountain44.422328, -70.409226Garnet, Chrysoberyl, Fluorapatite, Feldspar, Quartz, Schorl


If you head near Bucks Harber, you’ll find Jasper Beach, which is an excellent location in Maine to find reddish Jasper specimens. Loring Cove in Perry is another prime location, with the potential to find Agates, Calcite, Malachite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Chalcedony, and various Quartz specimens.

The little town of Paris, in Oxford County, Maine, is an excellent intersection between a few different rockhounding sites. For instance, one could head to the Singepole Mountain Quarry from Paris. Here, rockhounds might find Beryl, Almandine Garnets, Quartz, Biotite, and Fluorapatite.

The Ryerson Hill Quarry and Crocker Hill Mines are two more great rockhound locations. Clear and milky Quartz specimens can be found there, as well as Pyrite, Arsenopyrite, Columbite, Feldspar, Garnet, and Albite.


Dig For Amethyst

Location NameLongitude and LatitudeRocks and Gemstones
Perry at Loring Cove45.016525, -67.077406Amethyst, Bloodstone, Chalcedony
Deer Hill Mineral Collecting44.231319, -70.980059Amethyst, Feldspar, Beryl, Garnet, Pyrite


Best Rockhounding Locations In Maine

Before we dig really deep, let’s take a peek at some of the prime rock-hounding locations in Maine.

  • Tamminen, Pingree Ledge, and Waisanen Quarries
  • Loring Cove
  • Lubec Mine
  • Jasper Beach
  • Topsham
  • Acton Mine
  • Bumpus Quarry
  • Adams Mountain
  • Swift River

This list of rockhound locations in Maine might seem short, but these aren’t the only locations. It’s a good idea to try and find rockhounding clubs and societies in any area you’re interested in hounding. Doing so can put you in touch with others who may have lesser-known locations to check out. After all, we don’t want the entire world digging into every great spot, do we? 


tumbled Red Jasper


Maine houses numerous locations packed with various crystals, minerals, and gemstones. That said before you head out exploring, you should check this list to ensure you’re not wasting your precious time.

Rock And Mineral Societies

Rockhound societies are an excellent way to learn more about rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils. They can also be an incredible way to meet other rockhounds all around the planet. Finding awesome rockhound locations in specific states can be much easier when you’re connected with local clubs and societies. 


Oxford County Mineral & Gem Association

The Oxford County Mineral and Gem Association (OCMGA) was organized in March of 1948. The purpose of the club or association is to bring people together that share interests in geology and mineralogy in hopes that through the exchange of info and various specimens, everyone involved can benefit in some way.

The club holds monthly meetings at the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum once a month. There is a program every month consisting of a speaker that teaches members about the different characteristics of minerals and gems. The public is more than welcome to join the meetings and listen to the informative discussions.

OCMGA holds a gem show during the second week of July at the Telstar High School gym. The gymnasium is full of specimens dealers have for sale and displays to enjoy.  The club has two field trips a month, where they visit different localities.

Single club memberships are only $15 a year, and the price for families is only $20. Family memberships include two adults and all children under 18 years of age.


Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society

The Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society (MMGS) is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to all of the cultural and educational aspects of mineralogy, geology, the lapidary arts, and related subjects.

The society’s family-oriented meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of every month, from September through May. Meetings typically feature a program revolving around the aspects of rock and mineral collecting. Club meetings are open to the public, and anyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

The Maine Mineralogical and Geological Society feature a free youth program with a family membership to the club. The youth program includes separate age-appropriate meetings during their regularly scheduled club meetings, kid’s activities, and field trips.


Kennebec Rocks & Minerals Club

The Kennebec Rocks and Mineral Club is dedicated to rockhounding recreation in its many forms and phases. As well as to the guidance and education of their members and the public who wish to pursue hounding.

The club’s monthly meetings are held on the third Friday of every month, and visitors are not only welcome but encouraged to stop in. The club holds field trips from May through October, and members are notified of any upcoming field trips in the club’s newsletter. This rockhounding society hosts an annual show at the Augusta Armory every Labor Day weekend.

The Kennebec Rocks and Mineral Club’s monthly field trips are usually held on the Sunday following their monthly meeting.

Those interested in becoming members can visit the society’s website for application details.


Maine Gold Prospectors Club

Maine Gold Prospectors Club is dedicated to helping rockhounds, and gold prospectors learn the ways of gold prospecting. The team has been learning everything there is to know about how to identify the best locations to prospect for gold throughout Maine for close to half a century. 

They feel as though learning how to correctly identify the locations that are best for gold panning is a matter of knowing what to look for before you waste time digging and experience.

Joining this club gives members insight into some of the best equipment for gold prospecting and the information necessary for anyone to get started on their prospecting journey.